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What causes a boat accident?

Boating accidents in New York are not as uncommon as some would like to believe that they are. In fact, these can often occur due to an operator’s negligent or careless actions such as inattentiveness or intoxication. Many believe that because they are on the water, that the rules are much more lax; this can lead to them believing that drinking is okay. It, however, is not. Driving while impaired or when negligent can result in catastrophic injuries and possibly even wrongful death.

A boat is very different from a car – it does not brake and maneuvers completely differently. It is therefore vastly important that operators are both properly trained and respectful of the vehicle that they are operating. The following vehicles are some of the most common to be involved in accidents while on a waterway:

  • Motorboats;
  • Sailboats;
  • Jet skis;
  • Military boats;
  • Cruise ships;
  • Ferries; and
  • Fishing boats

New York boat accidents can also happen when a boat isn’t properly maintained. If you’ve been in an accident and need a lawyer contact us. One of our  New York City personal injury lawyer can determine who was responsible and hold them accountable for monetary damages. This includes compensation for hospitalization, medical expenses, rehabilitation and home care. You may also be eligible for benefits to cover lost income, pain, suffering and emotional trauma.

Negligent Operation of Watercraft

This can result in head trauma, back problems and drowning, just to name a few. The boat accident lawyers at Hecht Kleeger & Damashek, P.C., are an experienced firm that can give you sound advice regarding boating accidents and how to file a claim. Boat owners are legally required to properly maintain their vessels and operate them safely.

Various state and federal regulations govern both private and commercial boating activities with guidelines regarding the speed at which vessels can travel during poor weather conditions, how many passengers are allowed on the boat, and the type of safety equipment that must be provided.

As your attorney we will prepare all of the documentation needed for your claim and pursue any benefits that you are due, including wrongful death benefits if a loved one was fatally injured.