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New York lawyer Michael Kusz focuses his practice on motor vehicle accidents, premises liability, slip and falls, construction accidents, and trip and falls.

Kusz was admitted to the New York Bar in 2010, and he gained valuable work experience before then in the district attorneys’ office. He made the decision to become a lawyer as he was finishing his undergraduate degree in psychology in 2005.

“I realized I wanted to go to more school, and a law degree seemed a way for me to make a meaningful impact in the lives of other people,” Kusz says.

As a personal injury attorney with Hecht Kleeger & Damashek, Kusz spends many of his days at trial courts in the Bronx, Kings, Nassau, Suffolk, Queens and Westchester. He has hands-on experience in the courtroom, where he has argued numerous motions and participated in judge and jury trials. Kusz also handles depositions, during which parties, witnesses and experts are interviewed in preparation for trial.

A skilled negotiator, he has also settled numerous personal injury and accident cases.

“I’m able to do anything the firm needs me to,” he says. “I sign up cases, I evaluate strengths and weaknesses with the client. I also speak with clients on a daily basis and keep them informed on what’s going on, and I check in with them to find out how they’re feeling.”

What sets Hecht Kleeger & Damashekapart from other firms? Kusz says it’s the passion they have for helping their clients.

“We are relentless advocates in pursuit of justice for our clients,” he says. “A lot of firms don’t practice that way; we do. We are completely committed to holding the defendants responsible for what they’ve done and for the consequences of their conduct.”

“And nothing makes our firm happier than getting a courtroom win for a client,” Kusz adds.

Long Island Native, Bayside Resident

Born and reared on Long Island and currently a resident of Bayside, Kusz says his work career gives him insights into the injuries and accidents construction workers suffer.

“Even in high school, I did labor jobs,” he says. “I’ve been a landscaper, I’ve mixed cement, and I know what it’s like to put in a hard day of manual work.”

Kusz offers this advice to New York residents who are contacted by insurance companies after a car accident, trip and fall or construction accident.

“If an insurance company is trying to settle directly with you, immediately stop speaking to them and come into the office,” Kusz says. “Insurance companies take advantage of people’s goodwill. People speak to insurers not realizing every word they say is recorded and will be used against them in their claim. People say, ‘This is my insurance company, I pay the premium every month, and they’re trying to help me out.’ In fact, it’s the complete opposite. They are doing everything they can to bury the value of your claim.”

Kusz is a fan of New York professional sports and he especially enjoys watching area baseball teams in his spare time.

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